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Harpers Ferry John Brown

Two days later, John Brown sought to avenge the attack on his friends, Senator Sumner and the deaths of his abolitionist friends in Lawrence, Kansas. Exasperated, with a wagonload of guns and angry White and Black protestors, he went to Harper’s Ferry and raided its arsenal. They then went hunting for the murderers of the abolitionists. They dragged five suspects from their beds and slit their throats. With tensions rising, members of Congress began carrying guns before entering the building.

The pro slavers captured John Brown and hung him. During this time of grief, William Still cared for John Brown’s family. He invited them to live with him in his home in Philadelphia. Later, Brown’s daughter, Annie wrote Mr. Still a note, “Mother sends a lock of father’s hair which she promised you. She also sends her love to you and your family.”

To Learn More about John Brown, listen to our podcasts interviews; with his great-great granddaughter Alice MeCoy; author Jean Libby and John Brown Historical Society President Larry Lawrence
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