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The Gist of Freedom is Still Faith
is a book about William Still and the intricate network of people and places that were known collectively as the Underground Railroad. William Still was the Black abolitionist from Philadelphia who was described by the New York Times as 
"The Father of the Underground Railroad". He commissioned Harriet Tubman's rescue missions. This famous abolitionist literally wrote the Underground Railroad bookThe Gist of Freedom is Still Faith traces several tremendous people and stories within the world of the abolitionist movement and the Underground Railroad. Not only does this material inspire with the truly heroic multi-racial efforts of the Underground Railroad, it finds particular resonance in America today. An America whose preeminent goal is justice.
Where the impossible becomes possible and
where hope might be fulfilled. It features William Still - known as the Father of the Underground Railroad - who, even in the 19th century embodied these modern feats. In the face of extreme challenges he prevailed to see many slaves reach freedom. His drive to see the vindication of the human spirit continued past the end of the Civil War and into the antebellum period when he fought Jim Crow. Still’s story makes a full circle journey through poverty to prosperity, ending at philanthropy (just one of Justice’s tools).

The rewards Mr. Still received for his good work is evident of his faithfulness. Bestowed with the reputation of being a renowned abolitionist permitted him to unknowingly forge the miraculous reunion between his lost enslaved brother, Peter Gist and their mother Charity. Lastly, he lived a long honorable and respectable life. The New York Times in 1902 reported he died worth nearly a million dollars.

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